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Licensed To Write: Are You Trying To Figure Out The Words
25 May
Licensed To Write: Are You Trying To Figure Out The Words Writing is an art form that reaches a multitude of
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25 May 2014

Writing is an art form that reaches a multitude of people from all walks of life; different cultures, and age group. Because of this, some things may mean ‘this’ while it means ‘that’ to another. Choosing the words to use is the key to keeping your readers riveted to what you have written. You have to ‘tailor make’ every written material according to your targeted audience – your readers.


Using the English language, I convey my thoughts and share to the world what my ‘stuffy’ brain has inside it. I am a master of wordplay with a mix of formal and informal themes. Using words, I am able to express what I know, think, and feel. But, I have to carefully choose my words as it may not be the same to you as it is to me. Using figures of speech and acceptable ‘slang,’ I am able to string ideas.


Slang is a word or phrase that is not part of mainstream vocabulary as a result of diversification and is confined to a particular group of people. Idiomatic expression is a figure of speech that is not supposed to be taken literally. The use of slang or idiomatic expressions may or may not be appropriate even with a writer’s ‘literary license’ depending on the type of material.


Figuring Speech


Formal materials are not places for ‘slang’; however, some idiomatic expressions may be called for depending on the topic. The main reason for this is that formal written materials are more easily understood because it uses a language that is acceptable in the English speaking communities across the globe.


While slang is commonly used in closed groups, not every English speaking man on earth would understand it. The slang ‘cold fish’ may mean ‘dull’ to some while it could simply be a ‘fish that had been placed in ice’ to others. On the other hand, idiomatic expressions are accepted and are taught in schools to give individuals an understanding of how it works and is used.


Aspects Of Writing


Keeping your audience enthralled to your work is something you would want. Bear in mind that your readers need to understand you without having to pull out an ‘urban’ dictionary. Never forego the fact that you need to write using appropriate words – the level of formality, jargons, deceitful language, or the use of euphemisms to cover something that cannot be directly mentioned.


You have to drop the bias; no talk about race, ethnicity, or stereotypes. Not even your literary license can save you from negative comments and even lawsuits if you make a mistake!


Writing Appropriately


The use of inappropriate language affects a writer’s credibility and alienates the reader. Ensure that the language you use fits your audience and matches your topic and purpose. It is not a rule of thumb for all writers, though. New forms of creative writing known as blogs, as well as cinematic writing, employ the use of slang and idioms, but still, with a limit. Ideas have no boundaries, but words have.


As a writer, it is not about what you want; but rather, it is what your readers want. When more people can understand you, the more they will ‘read’ you.


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